Our facility occupies 12,000 square feet in the South Point Center in South Zanesville, Ohio. This was formerly known as the Big Bear Shopping Center. Indeed we occupy part of the site that was the Big Bear Grocery Store. This site was beautifully renovated to our specifications in 2006-2007. The patient will find it spacious and tastefully decorated.

We, as far as possible, try to offer "one stop shopping" for the patient. Our services (more completely detailed in the services section) include on-site laboratory services and imaging services to include general x-ray, mammography, bone densitometry and general and vascular ultrasonography. We also offer non-invasive vascular & autonomic nervous system testing. Minor surgical and dermatologic services are also offered.

What is Internal Medicine?
Dr. Kalis is a board certified specialist in Internal Medicine. Internal Medicine is the specialty of medicine that deals with adults (16 years and older). It does not include surgery or obstetrics. Specialists in Internal Medicine, also called Internists, deal with difficult diagnostic and therapeutic problems of every organ system including heart, lungs, gastrointestinal system, genitor-urinary system, central nervous system, and musculo-sketal system. They may also deal with mental health disorders. Often they must manage disorders of numerous organ systems occurring in the same patient at the same time.

Our services are offered to you by twenty five full or part-time staff members. Each of them specialize in their individual fields and we take pride in friendly, compassionate service that is patient centered. The patient, after all, is the reason for our existence. We strive constantly to keep this in focus. More details on our staff in the "About Us" and "Services" sections.