As you can see, most routine services are available on our site
and most can be done at the time of the office visit.

General Internal Medicine Care

Providing care from the most common cold to the most serious conditions and any combination there of, Dr. Kalis and four registered nurses offer our years of experience to serve you in an expert, kind and compassionate manner. When needed, our knowledge of which sub specialist to refer you to for which problem is invaluable.

General Radiology

Almost all general x-rays can be done on the spot at the time of your visit for added convenience and time savings. This is especially useful in an acute illness such as pneumonia as the patient is ill and traveling to a distant site adds to the discomfort of the illness and prolongs institution of treatment.


Two medical laboratory technicians and two phlebotomists provide on-site laboratory services. There is no need to travel to a distant laboratory with attendant inconvenience. Laboratory reports, all of them, are reported to you by mail or telephone.


On-site service means women may have their mammogram at the time of their office visit if they so desire. A separate visit is not necessary. Our equipment and technologists are fully certified.

Bone Densitometry

Used to measure a patient's degree of bone loss, DEXA scanning is the state of the art method to measure a patient's risk of developing osteoporosis and subsequent hip, spine or other fractures. These exams may be done at the time of the office visit.


Pictures created by sound waves or sonar have become invaluable in the diagnosis of various ailments. This is available on site, although on a scheduled basis. Both general and cardiac ultrasonography is available.

Stress Testing

Utilized to test for the development of coronary artery disease, this testing is often performed in conjunction with echo-cardiography. Each test is performed with Dr. Kalis, Rebecca Johnson, R.N., and Ivan Snider, echocardiographer in attendance.

Vascular Testing

Various testing of the vascular system is offered including ultrasonography of the heart, carotid arteries and abdominal aorta. Vessels in the legs can be examined also looking for blood clots or hardening of the arteries. Holter monitor event recorder and ambulatory blood pressure testing are available.

Pulmonary Function Testing

Measures the effects of tobacco use on breathing. Asthma and other lung problems can also be examined.

Cryosurgery and Minor Surgery

Many skin problems such as warts, moles, blemishes can be dealt with in our office setting.


Skin care featuring Bare Escentuals (R) products are available through us. Ask to speak to Lori, Steffanie, or Juni if you are interested.