Front Office
Our staff is here to serve you.

Jackie Wise, C.M.A

Whitnee Maddrell, C.M.A.

Rebecca Kalis, Medical Records

Lori Roach, Office Manager

Linda Lynn, Reception and Medical Records

Juni Runkle, Reception

Joanie Carpenter, Billing and Medication Assist. Plan Coord.

Registered Nurses
Four experienced, professional registered nurses serve you.

From left to right,
Rebecca Johnson, R.N., Mona Tedrick, R.N.,
Jane Law, R.N., and Rebecca Priest,R.N.

Laboratory and Special Testing
Two medical laboratory technicians and two phlebotomists serve you.

Marsha Griffin, MLT, .

Samantha Cater, C.N.P. Nurse Pract. ,

Erica Unger: phlebotomist

Radiology and Ultrasonography
Two radiologic and mammographic technologists and three ultrasonography technicians serve you.

Keri Preston, ARRT,
(radiology, mammography, and bone densitometry)

Kathy Stakes, ARRT,
(radiology, mammography, and bone densitometry)

Brandy Dunkle, Medical Records

Tammy Gibson, CMA

(general and cardiovascular ultrasonography)

Jackie Moore, RT, R(m), RDMS
(general ultrasonography)

Darla Browning, RDMS
(general ultrasonography)

Richard & Karen Graves

Steve Johnson